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How to Spot a Nice Guy (Infographic)

Nice Guys

Women Turn Offs

How to spot a nice guy, infographic.

Nice Guy

Nice Guy infographic

Stop being the nice guy and turn into the bad boy they REALLY want.

It’s time to be self-aware and change your mindset towards women and start getting late dude.

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If you spot a nice guy, do not be afraid to approach. They are generally a tame and mld creature, known for their passive nature and calm temperament. Key signs to watch for are:

Six foot or less

Misery listening device (Also dee other side)

Boyish good looks (Not in every case)

Soft heart (Contains easily pulled strings=

Wet shoulder for getting cried on

Fast food physique

Grey shirt denotes neutrality

Non-threating genitalia

Nice Guy hangouts:

  • At home
  • Video store
  • At home
  • Movie Theater
  • Did I say at home?

The nice guy can be found mostly in the company of even numbers. 3rd of 3, 5th of 5.. and so on.

Cheap sneakers, possible 1 or 2 sizes too big.

Picking Up a Pornstar

Pick Ups

Picking up pornstar “Kimber Lee”

Youtuber & PUA SquattinCasanova

One thing that really helped me was watching a few porn documentaries on Netflix. Very valuable. If you are n t watching Netflix documentaries you are missing out on a verbal gold mine of information.

Watching an hour of a porn documentary you are going to know so much about the industry and you will be able to relate more to a pornstar a lot more than the typical guy: “oh you’re so hot” “i love the scenes” .

Two documentaries to watch:

  1. Hot Girls Wanted
  2. After Porn Ends

My advice is of course, whatever you wanna do, whatever type of girls you want to approach, make sure you know their industry, make sure you know their background.

Pick Up Women

SquattinCasanova is a full time dating coach based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He runs infield bootcamps where he takes students to clubs and malls to meet women.

Bad Boy Formula to pick up girls

The Bad Boy Guide seduction formula

Seduction Formula

The Bad Boy Guide

It’s time to be self-aware, admit and own up to our mistakes and failures when it comes to dating. For instance:

Do women always ignore you or end up being bored and disappointed after a brief conversation or encounter?

You are not alone, and it’s not your fault either.

But you DO need to change your mindset and approach when it comes to picking up women.

Especially picking up sexy and beautiful women.

Sexy latina woman

Sexy latina

Being a constant failure with women is extremely FRUSTRATING, a frustration that many men around the world experience.. and by the way, this is beyond looks.

What we are talking about here is BEHAVIOR.

How do you act around women?

Are you confident? Relaxed? Are you in control?

Or are you a nervous wreck? An agreeing yes man with no sign of personality?

I mean, seriously… if you plan on sleeping with a woman, you need ignite that sexual spark on her, and it won’t happen by being bland and unforgettable.

No wonder the saying it’s true: Women sleep with bad boys.

They say they like a “nice guy” who treats her like a princess, but in reality they want a bad boy that will push her buttons and turn on a rollercoaster of emotions… wanting to sleep with him badly.

Sleep with more girls

Stop putting women up in a pedestal and turn into the Bad Boy she wants in bed.

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Ready to Make Out? (Tinder Douche of the Day)

Our Tinder douche of the day.

What do you think… do you think women will find this appealing?

Tinder Douchebag

Tinder douchebag

Can you really afford to make up with me? I’m not sure you can.

You haven’t made out with me yet and ou don’t have a boyfriend… coincidence?

Making out can lead to me touching your butt. Butt touching is proven to lower stress. ou seem stressed.

You mak become addicted to making out with me, which is way better than a crack addiction. Swipe right so you don’t become addicted to crack.

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How to pick up MILFs (Vytaly)

How to pick up MILFs

Vutalyzdtv, the crazy Russian-American prankster and “pick up artist” shows us how to pick up sexy moms around the city-

It’s not exactly that he is a PUA (pick up artist)… honestly he is just a very cocky & confident guy who doesn’t give a shit about anything.

Learn what it takes to pick up hot, sexy and beautiful women wherever you go.

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vytalyxdtv pua

10 Funny Tinder Profiles

Tinder, the application that has completely revolutionized the dating world.

People are meeting faster and faster.
There are all sorts of people.
Every guy uses it to get laid.
Women use it to raise their ego… and of course fuck too. Others suposedyly to find a man to marry.
After fucking him of course.

Either way, Tinder is full of creeps, like you. Curious “good girls”, nymphos and closet nymphos.

Check out this…

Funny Tinder Profiles

Tinder guy with girlfriend

Tinder guy with girlfriend

Scum boyfriend. But with so many choices now, monogamy is getting harder.

Married Tinder couple

Find the love of your life on Tinder

She found her husband on Tinder and now wants to preach about it. You go girl!

Guy with micropenis on Tinder

Micropenis dude

I guess if you got a micropenis… you might as well let her know from the start

Keeping it classy on Tinder

Keeping it classy on Tinder

Trashy girls everywhere…

Cute woman on Tinder


Whos doesn’t love anal?

fattie on Tinder

Fattie on Tinder

What fat girls need to do to get attention… sad.

Guy got cheated

Guys, please have some dignity

So many guys like this… no woman respects a cuckold

Funny men on Tinder

Aaron on Tinder

AnotherĀ dude getting cheated on…

Tinder slut

Oral cutie

Girlfriend material

Loser guys on Tinder

Loser guys on Tinder

Seriously bro, WTF?

Images fromĀ @Tinderfessions

Video: Women stare at men’s bulges

Women are sexual creatures too, they just play it differently.

Check out this video by Crotch Cam where a guy places a hidden camera on his buldge.

Women like and think about sex as much as men do, but in society that’s not “acceptable”.

We are all sexual beings.

It’s amazing to see their reactions and how their body language changes.

Thet breath heavily, they bite their lips (which seems to be a very common thing), fidgety, etc.

Stop being intimidated by women

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Fat Guy Picks Up Women on Tinder – Simple Pickup

Tinder is revolutionizing the world of dating in the United States and over the world. It is now easier than ever to meet beautiful women nearby anywhere you go!

It doesn’t matter how you look, if you are fat, skinny, tall, short, ugly or handsome. If you got confidence and charisma you can win over any type of girl.

3d tinder

3D Tinder – Funny bar sign to attract more customers

What would happen if your Tinder date doesn’t look anything like their photos? Would you stay or run away?

Fat Guy Picks Up Women on Tinder

The guys from Simple Pickup are at it again, this time doing a “social experiment”, filming women’s reaction to their “chubby” Tinder date.

You’ll be surprised to find out how well these women reacted and how shallow us men actually are.

Click here to watch the female version; Fat Girl Tinder Experiment

Picking up girls in Tinder

Hello lady…

Date with a Fat Girl on Tinder (Simple Pickup Experiment)

Shallow guys?

Surprise Tinder date

Video: A Tinder date doesn’t go as expected, for the guys.

Social Experiment: Fat girl on Tinder, by Simple Pickup.

Click here to watch the guy version: Fat Guy Picks Up Chicks on Tinder

A Tinder date doesn’t go as expected, for the guys.

Social Experiment: Fat girl on Tinder, by Simple Pickup.

Click here to watch the guy version: Fat Guy Picks Up Chicks on Tinder