The Nice Guy

How to Spot a Nice Guy (Infographic)

Nice Guys

Women Turn Offs

How to spot a nice guy, infographic.

Nice Guy

Nice Guy infographic

Stop being the nice guy and turn into the bad boy they REALLY want.

It’s time to be self-aware and change your mindset towards women and start getting late dude.

Click Here and watch the video on how to stop putting women on a pedestal.


If you spot a nice guy, do not be afraid to approach. They are generally a tame and mld creature, known for their passive nature and calm temperament. Key signs to watch for are:

Six foot or less

Misery listening device (Also dee other side)

Boyish good looks (Not in every case)

Soft heart (Contains easily pulled strings=

Wet shoulder for getting cried on

Fast food physique

Grey shirt denotes neutrality

Non-threating genitalia

Nice Guy hangouts:

  • At home
  • Video store
  • At home
  • Movie Theater
  • Did I say at home?

The nice guy can be found mostly in the company of even numbers. 3rd of 3, 5th of 5.. and so on.

Cheap sneakers, possible 1 or 2 sizes too big.

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