Fat Guy Picks Up Women on Tinder – Simple Pickup

Tinder is revolutionizing the world of dating in the United States and over the world. It is now easier than ever to meet beautiful women nearby anywhere you go!

It doesn’t matter how you look, if you are fat, skinny, tall, short, ugly or handsome. If you got confidence and charisma you can win over any type of girl.

3d tinder

3D Tinder – Funny bar sign to attract more customers

What would happen if your Tinder date doesn’t look anything like their photos? Would you stay or run away?

Fat Guy Picks Up Women on Tinder

The guys from Simple Pickup are at it again, this time doing a “social experiment”, filming women’s reaction to their “chubby” Tinder date.

You’ll be surprised to find out how well these women reacted and how shallow us men actually are.

Click here to watch the female version; Fat Girl Tinder Experiment

Picking up girls in Tinder

Hello lady…

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