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Ready to Make Out? (Tinder Douche of the Day)

Our Tinder douche of the day.

What do you think… do you think women will find this appealing?

Tinder Douchebag

Tinder douchebag

Can you really afford to make up with me? I’m not sure you can.

You haven’t made out with me yet and ou don’t have a boyfriend… coincidence?

Making out can lead to me touching your butt. Butt touching is proven to lower stress. ou seem stressed.

You mak become addicted to making out with me, which is way better than a crack addiction. Swipe right so you don’t become addicted to crack.

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10 Funny Tinder Profiles

Tinder, the application that has completely revolutionized the dating world.

People are meeting faster and faster.
There are all sorts of people.
Every guy uses it to get laid.
Women use it to raise their ego… and of course fuck too. Others suposedyly to find a man to marry.
After fucking him of course.

Either way, Tinder is full of creeps, like you. Curious “good girls”, nymphos and closet nymphos.

Check out this…

Funny Tinder Profiles

Tinder guy with girlfriend

Tinder guy with girlfriend

Scum boyfriend. But with so many choices now, monogamy is getting harder.

Married Tinder couple

Find the love of your life on Tinder

She found her husband on Tinder and now wants to preach about it. You go girl!

Guy with micropenis on Tinder

Micropenis dude

I guess if you got a micropenis… you might as well let her know from the start

Keeping it classy on Tinder

Keeping it classy on Tinder

Trashy girls everywhere…

Cute woman on Tinder


Whos doesn’t love anal?

fattie on Tinder

Fattie on Tinder

What fat girls need to do to get attention… sad.

Guy got cheated

Guys, please have some dignity

So many guys like this… no woman respects a cuckold

Funny men on Tinder

Aaron on Tinder

AnotherĀ dude getting cheated on…

Tinder slut

Oral cutie

Girlfriend material

Loser guys on Tinder

Loser guys on Tinder

Seriously bro, WTF?

Images fromĀ @Tinderfessions