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Alpha vs Beta: Are you a BETA or ALPHA male?

Alpha vs Beta

What is an alpha male and why are women attracted to them?

What is a beta man and why you should stop being one.

This youtube video is a great explanation on the differences between alpha men and beta guys, or more specifically, an Alpha lover vs a Beta provider as the Alpha Male Secrets channel on youtube explains.


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Alpha Male vs Beta Male

When approaching a woman, it is important to approach her as an alpha lover, not a beta provider if you want to attract her to you.

If when you first meet a woman and start telling her about your money, your cars and your bank account… you might think that it will get her attracted to you and have sex with you, but what you are actually doing is turning yourself into a beta provider man.

The beta male provider man always gets cheated , used and dumped. Sadly, this is how most guys go by trying to attract women.

Women around beta males try to play innocent so men don’t think badly of her.

The opposite of the Beta provider is the Alpha male lover. The Alpha male lover is generally the guy who doesn’t do much to attract women. He just relies on his presence alone. He is very confident, comfortable with himself and self-assured that women naturally fall for him.

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