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Bad Boy Formula to pick up girls

The Bad Boy Guide seduction formula

Seduction Formula

The Bad Boy Guide

It’s time to be self-aware, admit and own up to our mistakes and failures when it comes to dating. For instance:

Do women always ignore you or end up being bored and disappointed after a brief conversation or encounter?

You are not alone, and it’s not your fault either.

But you DO need to change your mindset and approach when it comes to picking up women.

Especially picking up sexy and beautiful women.

Sexy latina woman

Sexy latina

Being a constant failure with women is extremely FRUSTRATING, a frustration that many men around the world experience.. and by the way, this is beyond looks.

What we are talking about here is BEHAVIOR.

How do you act around women?

Are you confident? Relaxed? Are you in control?

Or are you a nervous wreck? An agreeing yes man with no sign of personality?

I mean, seriously… if you plan on sleeping with a woman, you need ignite that sexual spark on her, and it won’t happen by being bland and unforgettable.

No wonder the saying it’s true: Women sleep with bad boys.

They say they like a “nice guy” who treats her like a princess, but in reality they want a bad boy that will push her buttons and turn on a rollercoaster of emotions… wanting to sleep with him badly.

Sleep with more girls

Stop putting women up in a pedestal and turn into the Bad Boy she wants in bed.

Watch the video and download The Bad Boy Formula HERE.